Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wonder W.T.F. Woman

My mother has always told me, It's better to be asked up than to be asked down.

Now, I know I have been hard on Bey, but this is the last thing I'm gonna say about her. I promise (well, at least until she or "her camp" makes another ridiculous statement).

The next Wonder Woman?...I'm really fighting the urge to say, 'B**** please!' as I make the infamous boo-boo face.

Bey, I remember when you said your goal was to be the first African-American woman with a Tony, Grammy, and an Oscar and I truly admire your ambition but you're being a little audacious with this one. Calm down, honey. You're going to get your shine. You do realize you are not the only black female in Hollywood, right? Keep pushing your luck and you just might find yourself booted!

...But regardless of whether or not you get to strap on your Wonder Woman boots, Joe Camel Toe Z will always love you!

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