Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Your president is a man. Your president is a Black man. It is time we come out of the mentality that oppressors encourage. You can. Yes, we can. There is no measure of blackness. You do not have to be the image seen on the screen. Choose your words carefully and act responsibly. Pull up your pants and stand. It is time out for disgrace. We need our men in this place. Do not be afraid to be different. Believe in achievement. No one said it would be easy but difficulty does not spell impossibility.

Sister, take your man and be the solid rock upon which he can stand. We can not expect a man to be a man if we are not willing to let him be. Understand the importance of support. The balance of power and respect between a man and woman is a precious, fragile thing. Handle with care.


jwriter said...

I liked this post very much. Thanks for encouraging the brothers and the men.

Nicole said...

Sure, sure! Somebody has to do it!