Saturday, January 17, 2009

Going Green

Diggin’ this energy and well aware that this will never stay between just you and me because I can barely contain myself. Here I am, head over heels, heels over head, and nose wide open. Mine prefers your scent over any other. But you’re unavailable right now so I’ll leave this message after the tone-- yours deep, rich, and resonating through the drums in my ear. The cadence heavy on the 808 and careful not to bust the tweeter--yet.

**Beep** I know you hear me calling, the inflection in my voice rising and falling. Intonation. Articulation. Modulation.

You study my instrumental melody. There are no words even close to my lips. But the sudden dip in my hips sends you to the next bar. This sixteen just as euphonious as the first. Almost reaching the pinnacle but not yet. Pause. Run the tape back, flip it, and turn up the treble.

This message is getting long. Let the machine stop. There’s no need for its technology. My voice coming through crystal clear and almost loud enough for the neighbors to hear--you playing my song. Tune’s stuck in my head--over and over again. No words. Just sound. Pounding the speakers and I’m riding the beat.

Far from ignorant of bliss like this and hooked on your refrain….

IF you keep up with this blog, you may recognize this from, "Prototype." I used it in that story as an excerpt from a "book" the character (me) was reading. (I kinda heart that blog post. So, if you haven't read it, please do.) Anyway! It's actually (in real life) something I wrote (back in or around September 2008) about a guy that I've known for a while (more like years) and it's called "Voicemail." I'm not really sure why I re-posted it but he thought he would make a "fye ass" song. What do you think?

Oh! Let me clarify one thing. "Voicemail" is the love child of adoration and imagination. I have no idea what "it" would really be like (if you get my drift).