Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Live In Concert

After Maxwell's performance last night, my simple reality just is not enough. I didn't realize that was humanly possible. I was so engrossed in his performance at one point, I think I almost fainted. I know I sound like a groupie right now but I'll be that. The man is a beast! He puts all these other "artists" to shame. His range is ridiculous and his showmanship is out of this world! He did everything from splits, kicks, and spins to hump the stage. He dropped to his knees and put his falsetto to work. He came down off the stage (less than two feet from me) and I almost lost my mind. My brain was telling my feet to move but I was frozen. There's no telling what I would've done had I made contact. It just doesn't make any sense for one man to exude that much sensuality, masculinity, charisma, and just plain sex. In the same breath, it is more than just sex appeal. He appeals to your psyche.

He just made it that much harder for a man to attain my attention. I feel for the next guy that tries to approach me because I now, know for a fact that the man of my dreams does exist. I am not saying that Maxwell is the man of my dreams but a man like him would suffice. I'm sure he has his personality flaws just as the rest of us do but his on stage persona embodies everything I wish my man would be. I'd already promised myself I wouldn't settle for anything less than the man I felt was designed perfectly for me. But now I am sure that it is possible. There is a man designed in perfection just for me.

...And his name is Maxwell...lol I'm only kidding but wouldn't it be nice?


jwriter said...

LOL! I must agree with you with the not settling for anything less. I've just come to the realization that the woman that will be my ONE must come from God. She must be created just for me. I can't settle. The woman of my dreams I don't even know anymore if she'll be enough.

On another note I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I'm also glad you enjoyed my last post. Hopefully I can get another one on there for you that you would enjoy. Thanks for the comments and the supports Ms. Nicole aka 2Sense.

Nicole said...

No, thank you!! I can always count on you for your insightful and encouraging comments! At least we know someone is reading our stuff!...You're welcome!