Friday, November 21, 2008

Zzz....Wake Me When It's Over

I'm a little bored with the men in my life right now. Although sweet, caring, and somewhat funny they are (one in particular), I catch myself dozing off and drifting away during conversation. I'm not sure if it's a regional thing or a race thing even but I need an Obama (meaning Change, not the actual person) ASAP!!!

He calls just to say good morning and once more to hear my voice before he goes to bed. But I wonder where his passion lies. He's so calm and collected, it can be annoying! I find myself provoking him just for reaction! (Silly, I know.) I suppose I have enough zeal for the both of us but it would be nice to get a rise out of him every now and then (and not the kind that makes his pants tighter)!

I met his mother and I meet the grandparents tomorrow. I don't quite know where this comes from. We're not committed and we've never even kissed but at this rate, I will have explored the whole tree before the end of the week! I understand being close to the family but geez louise!! Can you say, "pressure?"


Anonymous said...

Hi, I came over here from 20 Something Bloggers, I hope you don't mind comments from a stranger who enjoys your blog:

In my world, I call these men competent-but-not-that-exciting. It's a phrase actually taken from a member of my dissertation committee, but that's neither here nor there, particularly. I use it to describe cats who do all of the work -- calling, listening, etc. -- but just don't do that much for you in terms of the intangible-but-necessary feelings. I've had to come to my own terms with passing these men by, but I promise you, the senseless provocations will only escalate until you find yourself becoming someone you don't like all that much, just trying to goad them into becoming someone interesting. They will never transform, and you will only end up resentful.

I've blogged about this, too...I guess it's something many of us go through.

jwriter said...

wow reading this blog and the comment was eye opening. I've been this man. Doing all the work and being labeled "the good man" but not "the man for them" At first it used to hurt especially when you're being led on, but i realize 2 things one: I can't give all I have to every woman I maybe attracted too and two: Every woman won't be into me because I'm a good man and I have good qualities. And now I'm ok with that. Another good post 2Sense. I love reading your blog.

jwriter said...

still wow