Saturday, October 11, 2008


She leaned in discreetly. "Um. Do u know him?"
Trying not to look around obviously, I respond, "Where?" while covering my mouth with a fork.
"That table over there." She nodds her head to the right. I hope he didn't see that, I think to myself. He was just out of ear shot but close enough to make his come-hither allure obvious. This would usually be uncomfortable but I actually admired his "balls." I chose to ignore him a little while longer. He's clearly an aggressor. I wanted to see if he'd go further to get my attention and if so, I wanted to know how far. (I was flattered.)
"Damn, do he know you?!" Obviously upset by my admirer, her boyfriend all but screamed,
"Kareem!" She nudged him and gave him a cold look that could freeze the Pacific. "Be quiet."
"Man, I'm sayin'! He keep starin'! He makin' me uncomfortable! If he see something he like, just come say something." he relaxed and rested his head on the wall. He was slightly inebriated. I thought it was kind of funny so, I ate and giggled a little....
"Gia, are you sure your dress is down?" He was still attentively admiring and my friend had now hypothesized that he's eyeing my lady's place. I admit, my dress was short but I'm a lady. I know how to sit with my knees together and just in case, I'd draped my napkin across my lap. There will be no flashing of Britneys here.
He was leaning on the table with arms folded and an intense stare. Half his locks were pulled back in a rubber hair tie and the rest hung down his back. He was a little lighter than I usually like them but I loved his hair. And he wasn't as tall as I would have liked but there was something reassuring in his eyes.
By this time, we'd all devoured our late night meals and can hardly bare the weight of our heavy eyelids. We rose to leave. I went to move forward but he wouldn't move. My friend looked back at me and gestured towards my dread-full admirer. He beckoned for me. My friends disappeared and I found myself sitting next to the mystery man. Math was exchanged and that was that.
But, I know him somehow. He seems eerily familiar to me. I've seen his face and heard his name before. I just can't quite put my finger on it.
The anxiety was killing me. This had to be the longest ride ever taken by man! Finally, after almost an hour of staring at the trees alongside the interstate, we were there. A night out with the girls and I could hardly wait. We hopped out of the car stretching as if we'd been riding for days and made our way to the door. First stop? The bar.
All eyes were on us (or at least it felt that way) as we made our way through the crowd. Lights are flashing and music is blaring. The beat is pulsating and giving me a rush like no other. The bartender makes my drink just the way I like. I'm leaning on the bar waiting on my girls to get their drinks. I look over my shoulder and it's him. Admirer. His locks are hanging freely and his allure is just as enchanting as before. The room went quiet and everybody paused. We just stared at each other and then,...I snapped out of it.
We made our way to the dance floor and found a spot right in the center. There were parties going on all around us but we had one all our own. Oh, yes, it's ladies' night and the feeling's right! Oh, what a night! We danced in a circle as the guys tried their hardest to find a place. Some tried a little harder than others, some hung around a while providing us with great laughs (and stories to tell), and others took the hint and moved on. But the ones that were particularly persistent afforded us the best times of the night!
I asked, "What's your name?" He'd been standing in my peripheral for about three or four songs now and he looked familiar. (I guess I just think I know everybody.)
He moved in. I could practically feel his breath on my neck. "B.J. You from around here?"
"Yeah, something like that. What's B.J. stand for?"
His lips touched my ear lobe. "Big Johnson." I couldn't help laughing. By this time, B.J. had made himself right at home pressing up against me with his arms around my waist and Admirer was looking. So, I threw my head (resting it on his shoulder). I figured if he was going to watch, I might as well give him something to look at. I decided to take B.J. along for the ride and he didn't seem to mind.
A few provocative dances, drinks, Admirer's stares, and hours later, it was last call. I lost Big Johnson, threw away my cup, and made my way to the edge of the stage to relax my feet with the girls. Admirer was still holding down his spot at the back of the stage. During the night, he'd only departed every now and then to shake his dreads to the beat of the songs that moved him.
"Watch this." I said to my girl before I turned to Admirer who was being ambushed by a couple of girls that weren't remotely threatening to me. They saw something they wanted and...He didn't seem too interested in their conversation which made them look a bit lame because it seemed they were giving him their best. All the while, he was engaged in my glare. They tried and tried to jolt him but he remained unmoved and our magnetism only intensified. He eventually grew tired of their relentless efforts and broke the perimeter they'd made around him leaving them mystified.

He squated and leaned over. His locks tickled my back. In my ear, he said, "You're lucky I'm not the jealous type." His daring tone resonated. His lips rested against my face and my mind went blank--again. I looked up at him while searching for the words. I never found them.

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