Friday, October 3, 2008


How come? I often wonder if this is what I've been asking for. After some soul searching and several nasty moods swings, I've discovered that it is--maybe. I've got to be more careful and specific in my asking. I asked to use my musical talent and I've been blessed to do so (just not in the capacity that I'd hoped for). They say God has a sense of humor and I'm almost sure He just might be trying to be funny. Only problem is, I'm not laughing. I turned to my trusty dusty mirror, looked under my nose, and I couldn't find the humor. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall who's the greatest of them all? I'm blessed and I know I can. I just don't want to. It always comes back to this. Everyone wants to project their expectations and add their two but I cannot stand imposition. When I need your advice, I will ask for it. That's how I feel about it. Just because I can doesn't mean I will. I can jump off a bridge but you can be sure that I won't be taking any leaps any time soon. So, just get off my back and let me be-- what I want.

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