Thursday, October 30, 2008

If I Only Had The Nerve

First, I must thank my dear friend, G-Code for kindly doodling this lovely design on my foot. I've wanted a tattoo on my foot for sometime now but I am too afraid to get one. I know it would hurt like the devil. She (G-Code) has a tattoo on her foot. "It'll make you cry real tears." Those are her words in response to my declaration that I will one day be brave enough to endure the pain and get the tattoo that I have longed for.
I want a series of small tattoos actually. I would love the letter L in cursive for a few reasons. It would represent "Love." and "Latham." Besides, I just think the letter is beautiful. I'd also like the typical rose just because I think they're pretty and feminine. I wouldn't mind a treble clef because I heart music. (Duh.) And of course, there are my maternal grandmother's initials, M.E. She passed way before I was born but for whatever reason, I've always felt connected to her. I miss her despite the fact that I've never known her. This could be a testament to my love for her as well as myself. --Two birds. One tattoo.
I'd love to have that treble clef on the inside of my wrist (the right one for some odd reason). I want that L behind my ear. I'd like to have a rose on my hip (down my side actually) and I'll have "M.E." on the inside of my left ankle to counterbalance the design on my right foot.
But because I am the cowardly lioness, these ideas shall reside in my imagination. Until I grow some knots, I'll wear the temporary designs drawn by friends during moments of boredom at its best and wash them off in the morning.


apricot tea. said...

Tattoos hurt, I will not lie. But after the first few minutes, your body is numb to the pain, so it doesn't hurt that bad. When I go my tattoo on my inner-wrist it hurt like the dickens! So be advised! But... you have to admit that it's all worth it in the end, when you see the end result & you have a personal reminder of something grand with you for the rest of your life. :]

Nicole said...

Exactly! I'm glad you said that. I think I can endure the first few seconds if I can get my mind right. I'm still not sure I want to go straight for that tat on the foot quite yet. BUT I am now seriously considering that "L" because I wear my hair down everyday! (almost)