Friday, October 10, 2008

Hair Today...Gone Tomorrow?

My hair has always been long and thick. It's been much longer in the past but I keep cutting it. I've been telling myself that I am not going to cut it again and I plan to keep that promise I made. But I didn't write to discuss past hair cuts. The last relaxer I applied did not take very well because (as I always do when I do my own perm) I did not leave it on long enough. So for the last few days, I've been suffering from 'My Hair Just Won't Do Right' Syndrome. I've tried to be creative in hiding my failed retouch by pinning up my hair in funky left field ways. This is the result of my mission impossible today. Although it's kind of hard to tell, I braided my hair into two "French" braids. I wrapped the ends together and pinned them at the nape of my neck. I wasn't really sure what look I was going for but I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. The front was blah but the back was my idea of a beautiful birds' nest. It looks messy yet, loosely structured. I love to try new things with my hair. I added a golden hair pin on either side to accentuate my earrings. They're oblong chandeliers with a single gold feather dangling inside. I despised them a little when I first got them. They were a gift from my aunt and they've kind of grown on me.

I know you may be wondering why I bothered to post this picture. I found myself wondering the same thing while typing but I simply love this wavy mess of hair on my head! Sorry if you don't share my enthusiasm. Now that I think about it, I'm a little obsessive about my hair. I don't let anyone else style it because I have a style all my own. Besides, I figure, 'Why pay someone else to do what I can do myself?' So, if it can't be done between me and my mom, it just won't be done to this "head of hair." That's what she [my mom] calls it. I'm clearly just rambling now while I wait for him to call me back. Yeah, that's right. I said him. I've got a new one. I won't call him my muse or T.O.N.Y. yet but the text he sent me today still has me pondering.

When we met, I thought heaven must have lost an angel 'cause I could see it pointing at me thru ur blouse.

Boggled is my mind. I'm not quite sure what that means and I think that's what intrigues me. I know they say curiousity killed the cat but the funny thing is, I was wearing a dress!!


osojazyinc said...

I'll share your enthusiasm. I love messy soft hair ! Mine used to be long and brown. Then one day when i went to see my hair dresser we came up with the idea to cut it all off and put a black tint on it. Mistake-o mucho. I want my brown hair back and i need it long. I need those ponytails. I need my messy clip ups. I miss my hair. =(

Fre Speech said...
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jwriter said...

is this the him you met while reading if i may ask? and I'm glad all I have to do is get a hair cut and be done with it lol

Nicole said...

jazy: I know exactly how you feel! I've been there plenty times before. That's why I've promised myself I'm not going to cut it again. I want to see just how long it will get if I leave it alone. But short, dark hair is cute too! Work your style girl! I'm sure you do it anyway though! lol

J: This is not the him I met while reading. That him was a fictional character. I met this him on my way to work yesterday. Actually, we went to h.s. together although we weren't necessarily friendly. And...HIM CRAZY!! lol