Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trade Winds

I'm in love with my new shirt! I shop with an ideal in mind. I go into the store looking for whatever matches the outfit in my head and today, I found it! The store is called Trade Winds and I have been trying to catch it open for weeks. It's closed by the time I get off, I can never get up early enough to go before work, and for one reason or another, I never make it on the weekends. I left home a little early today and reached my destination (work) too soon. I had no intention of doing any extra work (because where I work, there is no such thing as overtime) so I traveled a few blocks down and found myself at Trade Winds. Upon entrance, I only saw what looked like clutter at first glance and I almost about-faced. I loathe clutter. Despite the feeling that something was going to come crashing down on my head at any moment, I made my way to the middle of the store. I paused to regain my composure. The amount of merchandise was overwhelming. I turned around and walked right into it. I pulled it off the rack, matched it to the image in my head, and carried it around the store with me (as I often do while trying to decide). To purchase or not to purchase?...That is the question. I saw nothing else and time was running out. It felt like the store was open just for me because there were only two people inside (me and the store owner). "I think I'll just take this one," I managed to get in between her random outbursts of thoughts that probably should've stayed in her head. She met me at the counter...And now it's mine! An Evan Picone blouse in my favorite color! I didn't even have to break a twenty! And I didn't have to stay all day! That's my kind of shopping! I'm going to wear it with one of my favorite high-waisted pencil skirts and I can't wait!


jwriter said...

First off I want to thank for stopping past and reading my blog. Second I love how you've designed your blog and the way you write. It was just interesting to read this entry. I'm trying to just read as many blogs as I can and write as well. Again thank you and I look forward to reading more.

2sense said...

You're so welcome!! I love the feedback, be it positive or negative (so far, so good)! You write beautifully as well! Word power!!