Tuesday, September 16, 2008


When they say "I don't know where to start," I always tell them, "Try the beginning." So, here we are. I created this blog with intentions to post entries daily (and more often than that, if possible) but I have failed to do that. I lack inspiration and my once active imagination is anything but. To make it plain, I just don't "feel" like writing. My mind is saying go but these creative juices just AIN'T gon' flow....well, not tonight....His song just came on. I can't believe that after all this time, I still give him possession. He didn't write a lyric or sing a single note but he is the only thought that comes to mind when I hear...It seems like a waste of my brain's energy to invest in the thought of what that "beautiful thing" could have been but "it" is still present in the forefront of my mind. Well, maybe not the forefront, just now because I am torturing myself with the tune of this song as my tool of choice. And it's gone...just as suddenly as it came.

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