Friday, September 19, 2008

The "Fighting" Temptations

I'm singin' again...Papa was a rolling stone. (Whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp) Where ever he laid his hat was his home. And when he died, all he left us was alone.

My papa isn't dead. He's alive and I won't say well, but he's alive and not sick. It's kind of sad that these lines remind me of my dad (whom aside from the little bit of resentment I harbor, I love dearly...I think). I, like what now seems to be the majority of us, have divorced parents and a slew (that's the word of the day, i suppose) of half-brothers and sisters. In actuality, I have one half-sister and five half-brothers. I often wonder why this is. Why couldn't my dad choose one and be happy? Was it him, her, or a combination of both? I know why my parents split (or at least my mother's side of the story) but what about the others? What is this epidemic sweeping the nation? Maybe I'll come back to that later....

I'm not sure I blame either of them but it is very unfair to me.

I don't know my siblings and I miss my daddy!


jwriter said...

hmm I know all to well about this. I wonder why I haven't blogged about my crazy family dynamics. I guess because I've dealt with the bullcrap a long time ago. Although I've dealt with the pain of parents divorcing I will say that in my life I hope that never even comes into play.

Fre Speech said...

Some people just are meant to your dad and tell him how you feel! And I think everyone can have resentment for their parents at times. You know I love my papa lol, but I resent him for something he did. It's normal. BUT CALL HIM!

apricot tea. said...

Wow; I absolutely know how you feel. My parents got divorced a little over 2 years ago; they had been separated, though, for at least a year before that. My father was unfaithful to my mother & ended up choosing this girl over his 21 year marriage with my mother.

Amazingly enough, we have all survived... but it has not been easy. Especially since several months ago, I got a phone call from my dad, saying that I was going to have another little brother or sister. &... that they got married when they found out she was pregnant.

I could go on & on about this, but I have a feeling you know exactly what I'm going to say & you know exactly how I feel. It's definitely not an easy thing to get past; especially for me being married now & wondering if my marriage is going to end up like my parents'.

Sigh; either way... thank you for revealing yourself on my blog! I am so flattered that I inspired you to write. Never stop! I will keep checking back in on you. ;]

2sense said...

Thanks to all three of you!!