Friday, September 12, 2008


Metaphorically speaking, I cannot stand rollercoasters. But that's exactly what I am. And that's unfortunate.


jwriter said...

Wow! I hate rollercoasters as well. I like how you said that you're a rollercoaster yourself. Why do you hate rollercoasters and why do you feel you are one? (You don't have to answer lol)

2sense said...
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2sense said...

I don't mind answering at all. I wish there was a comment alert feature on my dashboard. But anyway. I wrote this while I was having what I call a "rollercoaster" moment. You know how they are, coasting one second, flying high the next, and upside down the next...Although they make me a little nervous, I don't mind riding rollercoasters. I'd just rather not be one. lol