Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just Because I'm a Lover...

...don't mean I'm not a fighter. For those of you that may have a problem with my blatant disregard for the King's English and every rule of grammar there is (most of which I probably don't even know), let me rephrase that. (Note about the author: I have a Bachelor's degree in Finance, not English.) The fact that I am a lover does not necessarily indicate that I am not a fighter as well. (Better?) The truth is, I was extremely bored at "work," I just got a scanner, and I'm alone in the office.So. I decided to doodle (or sketch) a little and this phrase was the one that came to mind at the moment, "Just because I'm a lover don't mean I'm not a fighter." (I hope I didn't offend any true artists with my obviously amateur drawing.) I, for whatever reason, thought this was a necessary post because...well, IDK! WTF? SMH. OMG! (I apologize if you are reading this with intent.) As I stated before, I "was" and still am bored at work and in the office alone playing with the scanner. (That is so professional, I know.) But if one were to take the sound of my fingers stroking the keyboard as any indication of my productivity, one might actually think I was very busy. (hehe)

It's about that time! (Quitting time is what I'm referring to just in case you were wondering.) This just may be the longest few minutes of my life so, let the countdown begin!


A "Christ-Like" Prince said...

2 Sense you have acted out exactally how I felt yesturday before I left work....that last hour or better yet that last 20min can drive you up the wall waiting!!! But I'm glad you choose to draw and scan vs other things that some folks have been known to do with scanners and at the copy machines at work when know one was there...LOL....LMBO!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I hope today is a more productive day.


E said...

Lol thanks for making me laugh :) I to seem to sit at my desk staring at the clock, bored out of my mind at times!

jwriter said...

Thanks for making me die laughing lol. Great post.

Nicole said...

LOL You're welcome guys! I had to do something with those last few minutes! I was about to go crazy!

Anonymous said...