Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, I almost forgot!!...The Best/Worst Thing to Happen to Me Yet...

In other OMG! WTF! news, I quit my job today. I mean, I just up and quit! No calling in, no two weeks--nothing. I'm not even sure Boss Man's figured it out yet. Well, actually I'm still here (at work) but I'm obviously not working. I just pretend. (Didn't you catch the Oscars? And the award for Best Actress in a Blah Work Environment goes to...Nicole "2Sense" Write!!)

...Back in the real world (where seven strangers picked to live in a house stop being polite and start getting real), I've begun the countdown. (I actually started last Monday.)

As I was sitting at my "desk" (it's really a card table) waiting for the phone to ring again, the Boss Man came in, closed the door, and deeply sighed. Uh oh. That's no good. I thought to myself.

"Nicole,..." (I'll spare you the boring details of the drawn out dialogue.) "So, instead of giving you two weeks notice, I'm giving you four. If you find something else before that time period is up, that's fine. Just let me know and we'll work something out. And again, I am very sorry..."

Oddly enough, I was giggling and dancing on the inside but I managed to conjure up a slated facial expression as I reassured him that I completely understood and appreciated his courtesy.

...What's next for 2sense? I don't know. Maybe I'll make the big move to GA. Or maybe I'll make an even bigger move to Philadelphia. Or maybe I won't. You tell me. What's next for 2sense?


jwriter said...

Come to DC lol and enjoy the city life. Naw j/k anyway sorry to hear about the job, but their loss!!! Giggling on the inside lol.

Nicole said...

lol Ur right! It's their loss...Don't tell anyone but I was seriously thinking about quitting anyway. They just beat me to the punch!...U never know! You might look up and see 2sense in DC! I've never been there but hey, be on the lookout!

Karyn Beach said...

Lived in Maryland for almost 10 years then spent two just outside of Los Angeles. Now, I'm in Charlotte and I love it! I was able to do something here that I could never do while I was in MD or CA ... I bought a house!