Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Cool 25!

I was tagged on facebook and posted a list of 25 there but since then, I've thought of what I consider to be much cooler things to list. You may not care to know anymore about me but then again, if you didn't care to know, why would you be reading this post?...Buckle up because this is gonna be a wild ride! (lol, j/k)
1. I've never been married but I feel as though I have been divorced (from music). I write about it from time to time and I sometimes refer to it as "him" or "Musik." (Check out my most recent post, "Mrs. B's Studio.")
2. I almost always refer to "the one" as "him," too. This one may be a little confusing after reading #1 but uhm,...if I mention divorce (or something of that nature), I am probably referring to music. Otherwise, I'm actually talking about a guy. I'm not sure I've met "him" yet but I often write about the way I imagine things will/would be.
3. Everything I write is loosely based on my reality. Nothing is all fiction. Nothing is all fact. Some more fiction than fact and vice versa but all somewhat true (and false). (Is it just me or did I just make a totally circular statement?)
4. Although I do have ambitious career goals, I sometimes think I'd rather stay home "barefoot and pregnant." I just love the idea of motherhood (and having a husband that brings home the bacon).
5. I believe in truth and love but sometimes I wish I weren't so passionate about these things. In an effort to be loving and honest, I share too much.
6. I used to want to move away from home (and still do). "Home is where the heart is." is what I'd tell myself. Then, I realized where my heart is-- at home.
7. I used to think I was one of those people who's dreams just would never come true. Then, I thought again. When I was a young girl, I dreamt about be a musician. (I am.) I dreamt about being a poet and writing short stories and books. (I am and I do.)
8. I am often amazed by the mysterious works of the Lord. (Refer to #7) It is true that I don't do the things I dreamt about in the capacity that I thought I would (or at least not yet) but I do them. I have realized dreams in ways even I never imagined.
9. Just for clarifying purposes, I'll be more specific. As a young girl, I dreamt of being a traveling musician. I wanted to travel with and play (saxophone) for an artist like...I don't know but you get the point.
10. I dreamt about being an author. I wanted to write books and I started plenty of them. I have no idea where they are now but...I guess because of my short attention span, those "books" have turned into poems and blog posts.
11. Enough of that dream talk (for now). I used to have my right nostril pierced. I loved it and thought it was the cutest thing ever but I only had it for two or three months (if that long). I was visiting a friend for the weekend and he hated it so, I took it out (because I was tired of him giving me funny looks and bringing it up every five seconds) with intentions of putting it back in when I got home....I guess you could say I never got home. (I still miss that piercing even though I realize it would be mildly inappropriate now.)
12. When I was little, I liked to crawl under things. Every now and then, I'd fall asleep and get into so much trouble because my mother couldn't find me.
13. I've always been hungry for knowledge. As a child, I read the encyclopedia FOR FUN.
14. I have a REALLY REALLY hard time watching most movies. They bore me. I'd rather watch a 30 minute tv segment.
15. Question: How come the music channels (BET, Vh1, & MTV) rarely ever actually play music? I'm slightly annoyed by this.
16. For a brief second before undergrad graduation, I thought I wanted to open a boutique and design shoes. I still wouldn't mind being a store owner because I love clothes and putting outfits together. That's a major undertaking (store ownership) though. I did the research and I'm not sure I'm that passionate about it. If I could just come in and dress the mannequins, that would be perfect for me! (That doesn't sound too profitable though.)
17. I stay up really late at night and hate myself in the morning (like right now).
18. I love men in suits and the taller, the better.
19. I love to decorate. I would consider a career in interior design but I think the aspect of having to please someone else with my designs would take the joy out of it for me.
20. I think I'm a commitment phob.
21. I love options. I MUST have a choice (or at least feel like I do).
22. For some reason, I still get a little excited about and feel strangely connected to other left handed people. I guess I feel like, 'Yeah, you're a weirdo just like me!' (And I'm slightly embarassed that I admitted that.)
23. I wish I were one of those women that loves to be in the kitchen but (as of yet), I'm not. I like to think that one day I will be but at the moment, I'm simply not. (Sorry guys.) That's just the truth. I will cook for you but I may not enjoy it that much.
24. In reference to #23, I think it's a bunch of bull when women claim to love cooking. I think it's a ploy to attract men.
25. I dance and sing along in my car just about everyday. People pull up next to me at red lights with perplexed looks on their faces. Sometimes they even point as they're passing. I think its funny! I continue (and exaggerate even more) as if I didn't notice them. Someone's always telling me, 'I saw you driving the other day but you didn't see me! You were busy singing or something....'


jwriter said...

I'm actually addicted to this 25 list now. LOL I love reading them and I might even write some more.

Nicole said...

Lol, that's funny that you say that because I'm the same way. I love reading them about other people because I always learn something I didn't know. And I always want to keep reposting my list because when I get to the end, I think of a million other things that I could have listed!

E said...

I agree I got the 25 thing the other day on facebook and couldn't think of a thing to post then after I posted it I thought of so many things I should have put!! lol oh well ~ May have to blog this as well..... and for your #1 I so missed that when I read MRS.B post but I get it now!! I'm sorry ~ and in that case glad your getting back in the saddle so to speak don't give up on something you love!! Good Luck!

Craigjc said...

Wow, very informative. So, most women don't like to cook, ey? And the boutique idea is still cool.

Nicole said...

E: LOL!! It's cool if you missed it. I try to be vague sometimes so my writing can be interpreted in different ways.

Craig: Yeah, I think some women do like to cook but most who constantly say they do are trying to convince themselves. That's just me though. I could be wrong. lol

jwriter said...

Thanks for commenting on the love post those were awesome answers you gave. They will be posted in my next blog post. Thanks again.

Karyn Beach said...

I actually like to cook. It's just me. I have no kids and no man and I still cook. You have to like to cook to cook for yourself!

And, I too am an entertaining driver. I drive and sing and dance all the time!