Monday, April 26, 2010

Men, Whips, and Gladiators

Of course, by "gladiators," I'm referring to my new favorite shoes--the silver flats with three ankle straps and beaded embellishments I purchased and wore to the annual church choir picnic. I arrived (fashionably late) to the usual aroma of meat on the grill, children running everywhere, and gospel music blaring through the speakers. I was sitting there chatting it up/flirting with my favorite drummer (Sidenote: I have a thing for drummers.) when I noticed a slender man in dark sunglasses staring at me from about four picnic tables away. Although I thought it was strange, I chose to ignore him. I was having too much fun with the cutie patootie (who I think I will secretly call "LDB" from now on)! I went on to stuff my face, climb [and jump off of the monkey bars (landing on my face)], and flirt some more--but, not necessarily in that order. After all this was done, I prepared myself a plate (Don't act like I'm the only one. Everybody takes a plate, right?) and made my way home.

As I was recounting the events of the picnic to my mother who chose to enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap instead (and was now enjoying the plate I'd prepared for myself), I heard my phone vibrate. I already knew who it was (or at least I thought I did). To my surprise, I discovered a text message that read, "This probably sounds crazy but everytime I see a pair of those sandals you were wearing, I think about men with spears or sexy women with whips. You got a whip?" and I could think of absolutely nothing to say...

That's when it dawned on me that the slender man in dark sunglasses wasn't staring at me.--He was admiring my shoes...

Can you say awkward?

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